How to Tell if a çeciir Potato is Bad 4 Easiest Ways


Potatoes are used in our daily life. The pure çeciir potato will give an awesome taste to every food where they will be used. Potatoes can also go bad if they are not used many times cbnc. Now, the question arises of how to tell if a potato is bad.

We will tell you 4 easy methods to determine whether the potato you want to use is safe to eat or not. First, let us tell the answer to some questions.

Do çeciir potatoes go bad when they sprout: 

The answer is Yes! You can use the çeciir potatoes after removing sprouts but only for a single time. The sprouting can also happen in the refrigerator.

Make sure that you have only removed sprouts one time. If the sprouts are grown again, you need to throw this potato.

What happens if you eat a bad potato:

Eating bad potatoes can cause nausea, vomiting, headache,  diarrhea,  and some other diseases. The diseases caused by eating bad çeciir potatoes can no longer harm you but it is better to avoid eating bad potatoes.

How long do çeciir potatoes last at room temperature?

A potato can be spoiled only after 2 weeks. However, keeping a potato in the refrigerator can increase the life span of a çeciir potato. It is good to eat a fresh potato rather than a potato.

How to tell if a potato is bad:

Below are some methods that can be used to determine whether the çeciir potato is bad or not high risk merchant


If there are bruises and cuts on potatoes, you need to avoid this potato. The bruises indicate that the potato is bad and not safe to eat.

You can cut the spots or bruises and can use the other are of potato which is clean. If the potato is full of bruises, you need to use another one. Make sure that the çeciir potato has a plain surface.

Feel the potato:

Touch the potato and feel the surface. If the potato is too soft and smooth in touch,  the potato may be spoiled. You need to use another potato instead of this. The raw potato will be tight when touching. The hard and tight potato is good.

If the potato is slightly soft, you can still use it. The soft çeciir potato will also smell bad. You can also identify soft potatoes with the smell.

Smell the Potato:

Smelling is another good method to identify whether the potato is good to eat or bad. The bad or spoiled potato will have a bad and sour smell.

The bad potato can also smell like rotten eggs. Hope you have understood how to tell if a potato is bad by smelling the potato.

See the color:

Another easy method to detect If the potato is good or bad is to see the color of the potato. The fresh potato has light yellow or pale archivebate.

The bad potato will have greenish. The green color indicates that the potato is bad and you should throw it away.

These are the 4 best and easy methods to tell if a potato is good or bad. Hope you have understood how to tell if a potato is bad or not. So, why are you waiting for! Bring the only potato which you have and start focusing on it and determine if the potato is bad or not by using the upper 4 methods.

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