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How to Avoid the Biggest Web Design Mistakes to Prevent a Traffic Drop?

Design Mistakes

Are you in the process of designing a website? Whether you’re a seasoned web designer or a newcomer to the field, it’s critical to be aware of the common web design mistakes that can hinder the success of your website cbnc.

In today’s digital age, websites are crucial to the success of organizations and businesses. With millions of websites competing for attention, yours must stand out. Your audience will judge your brand by your performance and website design. It is also a symbol of professionalism.

According to the professional Website Design New Jersey companies a good website design can instill trust and brand loyalty in your audience.

On the other hand, a single mistake in your web design will undo all of your hard work. If your web design fails to attract and engage your audience, they will leave in seconds. This article will discuss avoiding the most prominent web design mistakes to Prevent Traffic Drops.

10 Most common web design mistakes to avoid:

1. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

You need traffic if you need a responsive, mobile-friendly website to ensure calves regain a smaller screen. This is because mobile device users will abandon your page if they cannot view or read its content correctly.

Statista said mobile users worldwide accounted for approximately 52.4% of all internet browsing traffic in the third quarter of 2018.

That means more than half of your visitors expect you to provide an excellent mobile experience. It would help if you met their expectations to keep this large percentage of users engaged with your content.

2. Lack of clear and consistent navigation

Visitors can become frustrated and leave a website with confusing or inconsistent navigation. The navigation on your site should be intuitive, simple, and consistent across all pages. Use a simple menu structure, clearly labeled buttons, and a visible navigation bar.

An example of this error is when a website needs consistent labeling for navigation buttons or uses obscure icons that must be made more understandable. This lack of clarity may need to be clarified for visitors, making navigating the website and finding the required information challenging.

Consider hierarchical categorization for websites with multiple pages, enabling users to navigate different sections efficiently. Additionally, use intuitive redirects to save users the trouble of searching for specific pages.

3. Poor color choice

A company’s color palette is one of the worst website design mistakes it can make. Your site visitors will notice your colors first. Some businesses need to use more colors, which overwhelms their visitors.

Too many colors need to be clarified for your site to make it easier for users to know where to look. Because colors significantly impact brand identity, you want to ensure you pick the right ones for your page.

4. Eliminate all unnecessary elements.

A website with too many elements may need to be clarified for your visitors. As a result, it is critical to examine each element of your website to determine its necessity and remove unnecessary elements.

5. Irrelevant Images

Such presentation of images is a core principle of Web design, which makes it easy to convey intricate ideas. Instead of that, the application of imagery should be correct. With the low-quality or irrelevant images the website owners exhibit the need for design of the website. Readability must be considered and it should not create any confusion to obstruct the message you are looking to convey and this would lead to user frustration along with effectively not communicating your website’s intention or business purpose. Additionally, the low-grade images create a negative impression on the website and reduce its credibility, authenticity.

6. You have no SEO or analytics.

You shall be treated after diagnosing the problem. SEO and marketing data analysis are the most efficient tools for monitoring your website’s popularity, because they show how it ranks and positions within search engines.

A study has shown that the second and third pages of the search engine results list are rarely seen; therefore, SEO seeks to improve your website ranking higher on the results pages.

Analytics can also illustrate to users the average time on the website and what those visitors do on the page. This is an effective way to see whether the elements that you add to your web site most recently and can see whether the visitors use them as they are intended.

7. Lack of clear call-to-action (CTA).

A widely made error with site design is that of a need for crystalline and powerful call-to-action elements. The purpose of your site is to send visitors to perform specific actions, such as taking on a subscription, buying the product or contacting your company.

The same website may also require the CTAs to be more and strategically placed, thus making it easier for visitors to the site to know what the next action should be. Eventually, your reader will inevitably leave your site to visit another. Thus, you will also lose potential clients.

8. Slow loading time

A second error which must be mentioned about the web design of New Jersey is that there is a slow-speed website. Visitors abandon sites that take a shorter time to load than the ones that take more time.

Visitors demand a quick response; if your site takes too much time to load, they’ll switch to somewhere else. Users tend to believe that web pages will take no longer than Two seconds to load. If it takes over 2 seconds for your website to load it is recommended that you optimize so as to enhance the performance.

9. Keep Your Content Up to Date

Start by determining what the sentence tries to express . If we summarize it, it reads as Keep your content updated

A website that needs to be updated with new content appears obsolete and of no value, thus disappointing users seeking relevant and meaningful information. Such errors on the other hand will make the readers to lose credibility which makes them seek content elsewhere. What people usually do is to use websites that supply cutting-edge news.

This is the case with blogs, too. After a series of regular updates they also start to fade away leaving the readers again to look for fresh content from other sources. Frequent uploads of fresh and recent content will help you retain the attention of your audience. Developing uniform delivery timings can help you acquire new users and keep your current audience coming back for more.

10. Social Media links that are too Prominent

If your website places its social media links on the top of the page, the visitors may get distracted from the rest of the content down the page. Clicking on social media links will move the visitors away from your website to directly land on the page of the social media platform. so as to make visitors read it before they leave, place it at the bottom of the page. One other option is to include discrete short cuts on your contact page. It will make it more likely for your visitors to fill in a contact form or sign up to your newsletter.


A successful website requires meticulous attention to detail and a relentless focus on user experience. By avoiding the common web design mistakes discussed in this article, you can avoid potential pitfalls and create a website that looks visually appealing and provides a seamless user experience.SoftCircles has the experience and expert team to help you update your old site or design a new one. Our extensive award-winning web design portfolio shows how we’ve helped clients create new websites they love!

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