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Top 4 Tools To Add Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

Google Reviews

In the digital marketing landscape, showcasing valuable feedback and experiences from your current customers is a primary strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. The nature of humans is that they love to provide feedback for the products or services they use and recommend to other people cbnc. Google reviews are used to advocate their recommendations to brand users. 

The first step to do it is to select an easy website-building platform which is the Squarespace website. The next step is to add a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website. This will help you in selling your products and services. On your Squarespace website, these Google reviews act as social proof for your potential customers. 

In this blog, we will take you through some amazing tools that you need to embed Google review widget on Squarespace website. Let’s get started!

Why You Need To Embed Google Reviews widget On Squarespace Website?

Before purchasing any product or service from a website, online shopping has increased the curiosity of checking online reviews and ratings. In the online shopping experience, customer reviews play a crucial role and they enhance the buyer journey on your website. Online customer reviews have a huge impact on visitors, on the official brand websites and businesses. 

On your website, showcasing real customer reviews builds the trust and credibility of your brand and creates a strong relationship with your customers. With products and services, your customers will get everything on your website to know your credibility. Without any delay, let’s read about some of the stupendous tools that will help you embed Google reviews on your website. 

5 Stupendous Tools To Embed Google Reviews Widget On Squarespace Website 

Over the years, online Google reviews have been a crucial part of SEO for businesses. Many brands opt to display Google reviews on their websites. Here are some of the best tools to add a Google reviews widget on Squarespace website. 

1. Tagembed Review Widget 

Tagembed is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools that lets you create an amazing social media widget that collects posts from diverse social media platforms. Tagembed allows users to collect Google reviews and displays on your website in a beautiful-looking widget that elevates the look and feel of your website. 

Even if you’re not familiar with the technical aspects, you can still use the Tagembed to embed Google reviews widget on Squarespace website. Tagembed is a cod-free tool that makes the embedding process simple and easy. To improve the effectiveness of the review widget, the Tagembed tool offers several other additional features. 

Users can easily use the customization options to make the widget look more charming. Users can choose from a wide range of personalization options like fonts, colors, designs, layouts, themes, etc. from which they can choose the best that suits their needs. Users can also use the advanced analytics offered by the Tagembed tool to track the performance of the widget. 

2. Juicer 

As a social media aggregator tool, Juicer helps you to collect and add Google reviews widget on Squarespace website. For your social feed, you can select from the 9 in-built styles or customize the colors, fonts, layouts, and display options of the feeds. To make it match your branding, you can add custom CSS also. 

To get the data about the performance of your social feed, it comes with a social media analytics dashboard. The moderate and filter panels of the Juicer are also accessible from the main dashboard. To block feeds, you can use this option to prevent certain words from appearing on your social feed. 

3. Embed Social 

Embed Social is another social media aggregator tool on our list. This tool helps in the curation of social media feeds, stories, reviews, and photos, and embeds them on any website. Within seconds, the API of Embed Social enables integration to pull all reviews from social media. To request reviews from your customers, you can also use SMS, emails, and form widgets. 

Embed Social offers advanced customization features enabling you to change colors, ordering, layouts, and remove parts to widgets, or social media logos to ensure that the design matches your website. Any website platform that supports Javascript, the code of Embed Social works there. 


TINT is an all-in-one platform that enables you to add Google reviews on Squarespace website. TINT also has a copyright detention feature which helps users avoid copyright issues. With any rights acquired image, this also automatically detects copyright risk. So that across all marketing channels, you can legally repurpose content. 

With TINT, you can also personalize the look of the review widget. However, TINT is mostly popular for its post-scheduling features. 

Final Verdict! 

There are high chance that your prospective customers won’t buy from your business if you don’t provide them with any social proof. Your potential customers are keen to know what your other customers think about your business and how much they trust your business. One of the best things to know about is through Google reviews because they act as social proof. This is why you need to embed Google reviews on Squarespace website of your business.

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